Happy to see you here.

So, to answer the age old question: Who am I? I´ll start at the beginning....

I was born in the Swedish Highlands, in the Norrala- Vale, surrounded by forests and high hills where I would let my imagination run free, resulting in various advertures often containing dragons and goblins. 

When I was 14 yrs old I discovered Theatre, and it stood clear to me that acting was the closest thing I could come to the marvels of childhood- imaginations, and thus, I became an actor.

Since then, I´ve been fortunate enough to work both on stage and in front of the camera, with characters ranging from Prince Kazbeki from The Caucasian Chalke Circle to the Chesshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland on stage, and the Viking father Joar in Viking Saga: Rune of the Dead to Safa from Conspiracy of Silence in front of the camera.

I´m always on the hunt to share in new adventures, both on stage and screen, so don´t hesitate to get in contact, so we can create them together.

Best of Regards



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